Sharon Levy

[Photo: Bruce Morr]

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"The Wood" (Project Room, Santa Monica Museum of Art), 2007

Mixed Media, Dimensions Variable


“The Wood” is an installation of sculptures that explore both the sublimity of the woods and the material of wood, simultaneously communicating their life and death. The trees (“Young Pines”), made of silhouettes cut with a jigsaw from common pine plywood, suggest a manufactured material returning to its original form. The cross-section, or “Cookie,” which simulates a giant tree’s growth rings through obsessive painting, represents an object that reveals the duration and awesomeness of nature through its destruction. In both “Young Pines” and “Cookie” the accumulation of small details results in an overwhelming whole. Among these works, the viewer becomes aware of his or her relationship to time, to the space within the gallery, and to the spaces beyond that the objects suggest.

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