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Polyhaus, 2013

Repurposed Newsletter, Glue, 5" x 7.25" x 4.25"


In Polyhaus, fragments from two different archives, one personal and one institutional, are brought together. One is a 1930’s poster recently re-issued by the Bauhaus Archive Museum in Berlin as a souvenir available for purchase in the museum gift shop. The poster depicts a pattern, which one can cut out and assemble to create a paper miniature of architect Adolf Rading’s modern cottage house design. The other is a technical mold making and casting materials newsletter from the 1990s by a company called Polytek, which came from my personal files of saved papers.

The Polyhaus becomes a kind of souvenir, one that results from destroying of two previous ones. When one acquires a souvenir, they are able to celebrate and posses something from the past. Its a kind of reassurance of one’s knowledge and experience, both superficial and sincere. This paper house is a souvenir of certain life-contexts for me. By making the Polyhaus, I get to experience the material, as paper and subject matter, as it transforms.

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