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Handheld Recorder Ensemble, 2013

Participatory Sound Performance, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable


This is a study in approaching field + environmental recording as a performative action. Eight participants were invited to make separate recordings with an awareness of the cinematic and photographic potential of the "field of view" of a microphone in a time-based compositional context. It was also taken into consideration that the recordings would be played back simultaneously, spatialized so that each recording would occupy a different playback location, creating a new architectural space from the recordings.

The video presented here shows two of the eight participants in the performance process.

The audio recording represents two participants at a time standing over a resonating guitar, using a shotgun microphone to control the presence of the sound of the guitar with their movement of the microphone. Each recorded pair is panned hard left and right, and each pair recorded a different tone. Movement of tones in the stereo image are created by interaction between recordists. Playback of each pair is staggered+overlapped through the duration of this document, creating harmonies with introduction of different tones.

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