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Throughout the storm of frequency modulations and crescendoed stacatto pops..., 2012

Polaroid, 4.25" x 3.5"

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"Throughout the storm of frequency modulations and crescendoed stacatto pops your staff was always very patient and courteous."

from "Easter Glamour Portrait Studio x4 - Apocalypse Forever"

"Easter Glamour Portrait Studio" has occurred each Easter Sunday from 2009 to 2012. An empty studio in Brooklyn, New York is borrowed for one night only, and a world of backdrops, costumes, and props is installed. For this celebration of Spring, a group of friends and collaborators are invited to come play, get a makeover, and have their portrait documented with Polaroid film.

"Easter Glamour Portrait Studio" is inspired by the American photographic tradition of quick studio portraits made in shopping malls or discount super chains. Typically, the experience involves a simple studio setting, exaggerated poses and props, and an often garish makeover. The customer quickly receives wallet sized portraits they can exchange with their classmates, family, and friends.

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