Sang-Mi Yoo

[UTSA Satellite Space in Blue Star Arts Complex, San Anotnio, TX]

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Anomalous Traces, 2011

offset lithograph, lasercut, paint, Dimensions Variable


The Anomalous Traces exhibition by Sang-Mi Yoo at the UTSA Satellite Space Gallery focuses on a mixed media installation with laser-cut felt and large format offset lithographs. This concept for this exhibit is based upon iconic images that are created through personal memory, simulating perception and memory from a collective experience. The artworks in the exhibit are based on her ongoing project, New Village, that reflects her childhood memories and everyday encounters of standardized residential buildings. She has created lasercuts using acrylic and wool felt to distort and transform the original shape of the exterior of the houses and floorplans. As these materials are installed in the space, rows of New Village houses and flooplans float off the wall, becoming abstract constructs that are subject to the gravity and shadow play surrounding the materials. Yoo takes photographs of these installations in order to make digital transparencies for large sized, photo-based offset prints. Lastly, she arranges these prints and lasercuts within the space to create an installation that compares the notion of ideal home as a tangible subject vs. illusion.Overall Sang-Mi Yoo’s project explicates how politics in education and urban planning have influenced our way of thinking and visual perceptions.

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