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Everything After Is Measured By Now, 2012

HD Video, 14m 0s, Dimensions Variable


The ruin casts us forward in time; it predicts a future in which our present will slump into similar disrepair or fall victim to some unforeseen calamity. The ruin, despite its state of decay, somehow outlives us. And the cultural gaze that we turn on ruins is a way of loosening ourselves from the grip of punctual chronologies, setting ourselves adrift in time. – Brian Dillon

Images of a desolate landscape contrast with those of a lush one. Bodies move through both but never intersect. Sounds and scenes from now drift in and out, weaving in-between the different locations. Where is this place? And what is unfolding?

Everything After Is Measured By Now explores an ambiguous line between the present and future in order to reflect on contemporary society’s relation to collapse. Eschewing straightforward narrative, the piece follows separate threads that revolve around this ambiguity in an attempt to question whether societal collapse is an inevitable event in some near future, or an event society is already situated within.

Inspired by W.G. Sebald’s “The Rings of Saturn,” which uses man-made ruins found on the landscape to reflect on an entropic, and cyclical view of history, the piece uses its open-endedness to reflect on the temporary, yet persistent, nature of society.

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