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Extra-Sensory Wave Device, 2007

Infrasonic microphone, geophones, novelty wave-machine, satellite dish, salt, steel, concrete., Dimensions Variable


A live, closed-circuit video projection originates from a mechanical device in the middle of a field of salt residue. The device slowly rocks a novelty "wave tank" back and forth while responding to subsonic vibrations in the room and through the building structure.
The idea that we are products of a dynamic coupling with our surroundings drives this work. The possibility that we may be influenced or affected in subtle, even imperceptible, conditions by our ambient environments would require reassessing the boundaries of internal and external experience. In this piece the viewer is immersed in a timeless (science) fiction with explicit references to a natural environment mediated and/or interpreted by the technological. By transposing stimuli that we are not consciously aware of into the visual experience, these connections are explored through time, place, technology and consciousness.

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