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When I dream I think of Tokyo, 2007

C-print, framed behind glas, 24cm x 30cm

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Tarako and Spaghetti at the party

This photograph shows the Japanese pasta dish Tarako. It is made from salted Alaskan pollock roe and seaweed. Q.P is one of the largest companies that offer this product and their mascot is the famous American Kewpie-doll. In a well known commercial for this dish, two girls with red hats looking like fish roe are doing a special Tarako-dance.

Statue of Liberty visiting Odaiba

The French Statue of Liberty was placed at the artificial island Odaiba in Tokyo bay in commemoration of The French year in Japan 1998-1999. Because of its popularity, a replica was erected in the same place in 2000.

Haruka in her favourite jacket

In high school movies the popular girl gets to wear the popular guys school team jacket. The jacket is a symbol that makes everybody else jealous. In this case Haruka has bought her own jacket at an ordinary store in Tokyo. Her jacket is a fashion sweater in soft material and a copy of a real baseball jacket.

Balloon arch at home

The stores in Tokyo are often decorated with balloon arches just like in USA. One common place is the Pachinko game centre where you charge the machines with small metal balls instead of money. The atmosphere in these places is over whelming, with a deafening noise and an enormous amount of decorations.

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