Chrissy Lush

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Untitled (den), 2014

Digital C Print, 30" x 40"


I spent a month in Finland where I was surrounded by the quiet beauty of the birch forests. I felt an instant transformation from this serene landscape. Projecting images that I took while exploring my new environment on to a wall I then placed my body within the scene to examine how it can interact with the imagery. Once projected onto the wall and my body I then re-photographed the image creating a relationship with the landscape, one of distortion and harmony. My images depict my desire to make connections and explore the ways we communicate with ourselves and our environment. How we become aware of our internal desires and fears through our own actions, as well as how the environment can determine our emotional landscape. There are degrees of vulnerability that arise from the different interactions whether it internal, with our environment or with others. The images are about the types of connections that result from these vulnerabilities and how that creates the structure of our personal realties.

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