Hortense Le Calvez

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Fragments ( chaise ), 2014

wood, glass, water, ciment, pump , 100cm x 50cm x 41cm

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The Chair, an omnipresent object in art history, represents here a domestic and stable comfort. Conserving its original and functional shape, it exists in two elements, air and water. The immersed part is cluttered. The chair seems to disintegrate when facing the viewer. Indeed, the work is activated by a moving presence, a signal is sent and the pump displaces the air of the room to inject it inside the aquatic space. Doing so, the wood fragments are brought in motion, around the broken leg, lifted by the air. The tumultuous water fractures the chair’s unity, suspended matter is depriving it to keep its shape, and the attention has shifted. The rest that could suggest the piece when deactivated in still water has transformed in an organized disorder. The contained chaos presents the mise en scene of a catastrophe, the spectacle of an active ruin, a fall that refuses to collapse.

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