Jamie Bradbury

[Between camps exhibition Montreal, Canada]

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Speak White, 2014

neon sign, 8" x 48" x 2"

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Jamie Bradbury is a visual artist primarily interested in exploring the residues of colonial taxonomies such as race, globalisation and multiculturalism, investigating where these taxonomies intersect and overlap in our current society and are further re-articulated within the canon of Western art. Increased globalisation and multiculturalism creates an inimical relationship pitting cultural standardisation versus cultural singularities. The continued cultural diversification of cities such as London, New York and Toronto has created new and interesting relationships between sometimes seemingly antagonistic cultural practices. It is within this complex web of cultural overlap that he is attempting to make work that creates a site of translation between them. How one identifies themselves may greatly vary from how one is identified, and it is this disjuncture that he is attempting to present. This diversification of society also poses a challenge for us to reconsider, re-examine and confront our own conditioned prejudice, exposing potential entitlements, privilege, denial, and hypocrisy.

His own mixed-race upbringing has often created volatile and confusing emotional dilemmas. Often being misrecognized as solely of European ancestry, along with a strong regard for his Afro-Jamaican ancestry often creates a polarity between how others identify him and how he self-identifies, especially within certain specific social situations, where how he identifies may change. Du Bois’ theory of Double Consciousness – or seeing oneself through the eyes of others – is one of the major contributions to the evolution of my work. Through the displacement of time, the construction of images. With sculptures, videos or the re-reading of histories, he is attempting to confront and engage the viewer with works that challenge current understandings of these residues. Finally, the intention of his body of work is to create a critical point of entry for the translation between cultural singularities creating new histories informed by each other whilst attempting to erase the hierarchical tendencies of traditional western methodology.

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