Lauren Bakst

[Videography by Parker Gard.]

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of ruins or something (studio practice), 2012

body, sheet, kitchen timers (4), chairs (2), Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable


Videos from a rehearsal on July 7th, 2012 at Eden's Expressway, Soho, New York.

1. difficult postion(s) 2. shifting space 3. ghosting ( woman / self / other ) 4. an infinite number of ways to get down and get back up again

I am interested in this phrase "or something" because it references a moment of excess, a moment where an experience cannot be quantified by language.

It's like this "or something."

"Or something" is my body. It is what happens when my body meets, exceeds, fails, fucks with the plan, the score I've laid out for myself. My studio practice lives in this else-where space of not knowing, a space embedded with but not bound by language, a space dedicated to the intuitive wisdom of the body and the fraught relationship of self to self and self to other.

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