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denzel minipetite b a t h t u b happymeal, 2012

bodies, 13m 13s, Dimensions Variable

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"denzel minipetite b a t h t u b happymeal", began as a 5 minute party piece for AUNTS Regular at The Secret Loft space in Bushwick (2011). the piece evolved as a loose parody of niv's Fresh Tracks residency piece called "denzel again" and then evolved into, what niv has contextualized as the psychosis of "denzel again". exploring the very felt experience of impossible bodies in denzel ... b a t h t u b..., niv is playing with elements of voguing, poetic vernacular, shade, post-modern movement culture, and pop music (including bach). this piece like others in the denzel series is answering to niv's own interest in transgender and queer identities and how they intersect with blackness.

music: Johann Sebastian Bach, Curtis Mayfield, and Azaelia Banks

performances by: niv Acosta, Cason Bolton Jr., Meghan Milam, and Geo Wyeth

filmed by: Slava Osowska

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