Athina Antoniadou

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reality/ilussion/death, 2007

oil on canvas, 248" x 164"



The journey will always occupy a certain subjective space, in the flow of thoughts, emotions, observations,

and conflicts often expressed in a medium via artistic action - understood but not spoken come out of

subjective experience. Indeed, the journey's character and even the mood of landscapes and the sensation of

distance was often determined by the seemingly contagious but ineffable optimism, fatigue, or question that

looms in our consciousness at a particular time. So it is that the experience of the journey that begins from

mile to city, city to day, inflected by local conditions, everyday rituals, psychological tensions, and practical

solutions. Next to the memories of interior moods and states are the sublime impressions of landscapes, big

skies, and weather changes, all linked to those moments, and feelings, as well as recollections of specific

people in specific places and atmospheres. Now and then during the journey a tentative synthesis of this mix

of images takes place, connecting different time and spaces, zones of composition....

Seumas Coutts

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