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Unspeakable Thing (xxxxxxx), 2012

receipts, garbage, flour, water, security guard, magic, florida water, debt, 120" x 72" x 72"

10,000 USD

For two weeks, Cassie and her friends robbed bank vestibules of their receipts. They spent three days paper macheing the receipts to make a very large form that looked like a glacier. While they were making the unspeakable thing, they did not look at it, and they did not talk about it. This thing was debt, so it was important to treat it that way. At the opening of 'To Have and To Owe', a very important and fabulous art show at the Elizabeth Foundation Project Space curated by Laurel Ptak, the unspeakable thing, which was so big and falling over, was stored in the back of the exhibition, in a dark and cold area. It was guarded by Shizu Homma, who played a fierce security guard. She would not let anyone look at it or talk about it. At the end of the opening night, she ordered all viewers to touch it and put all their fear of debt into it. All the debt went into it, and then everyone, together, pushed the huge thing into the lit area of the exhibit, bringing it into consciousness. Then they layed on the floor and sent their fear of debt into the earth, past the ground water, to the core. There it could all unite, collectivize, and heat the middle of the planet instead of making us all into little limp fearful debtors.

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