Christopher Trembley

[From Here to the Edge, Los Angeles, 2002]

From Here to the Edge, 2002

video, endurance, 7m 3s, Dimensions Variable


Art is democracy. - The freedom in a person’s life, the liberties of a generous society depend on the prosperity and depth of meaning perceived. By our words and definitions, our signs, through the aim of our glances and the inclinations of our bodies we create meaning. Meaning revealed by the way our lips open when we breathe, by what our hands touch and what they feel.Video describes these gestures and moments. The illegitimate brother of film and theater, fathered by the technologies of paranoia, video talks with the signage that envelopes us. The cheapness of its resource implies the strength of its subversion; its tools are not yet markers of tradition, as we do not know what the medium will be, even in a few years. Video is a stone cradled in my fist; its submissions capable of perforating the corporate surface of the allegedly coherent.

From Here to the Edge

I add moments of buoyancy. If reality is a narrative we choose or are made to remember, we cannot know the truth. 7:03 min

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