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Why isn't anyone crying at the art fair?, 2012

People, Art Fair, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable


In collaboration with Joseph Thomas and Byron Peters: Why isn't anyone crying at the art fair? functions as a pedagogical framework for surpassing the behavioral standards set by capital-relations as well as a platform for public performance. For one day at Art Pad SF (one of two art fairs in San Francisco), over 100 high quality full impact moments were staggered throughout the fair. These intense, spontaneous emotional responses to art were performed by art professionals, students, and lovers who touch art everyday, but who have become professionally estranged from a potential full body response to it. These agents of emotion were trained by an actor to find an authentic method for locating and performing emotional response to art. The actor/pedagogue, John, was planted at the pool's lifeguard post, offering art fair visitors professional instruction about how to emote in the face of art.

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