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4 Videos, Booklet, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable


The work “cheerleading” seeks to transfer the practice of cheerleading, into women’s daily life struggle during the period of the classical modern (1850- 1930). In the exhibit, the names of 42 women writers, artists, activists, social activists, political activists, actors and musicians are cheered by four groups of cheerleaders.

In Europe there are very few cheerleading groups and the sport is not present in everyday life. People know about cheerleading mostly from movies and television and it is viewed as a symbol of the US. It is also seen as a symbol for perpetuating female gender stereotypes.

In the installation itself, four video projections show one team on each wall of a white cube. The four videos play alternately. Each time one name has been cheered or spelled out, the video will slow down as another team starts to cheer for another name; this is coordinated by a computer program according to the random principle and the piece strikes the viewer as a friendly and enthusiastic “battle” of cheerleaders who compete in cheering for women’s History.

The videoinstallation comes with a brochure containing 42 short biographies of the cheered women, a text written by Dr. Christiane Keim, Mariann Steegmann Institut Art and Gender, Bremen and an Interview of Elianna Renner that has been conducted by Katharina Koch and Anne Kohl, alpha nova- kulturwerkstatt & galerie futura, Berlin.


2013 Bobe Mayses- Dr. Theobald Simon award, Künstlerforum, Bonn, Germany

2012 Bobe Mayses- Städtische Galerie, Bremen, Germany

Cheerleading was commissioned by GEDOK (German National Women’s Artist Association) and won the Dr. Theobald Simon award 2013

In cooperation with:

A.I.R. GALLERY, Brooklyn, New York

The Consulate General of Switzerland, Cultural Affairs, New York

Sponsored by:

The Senate of the City of Bremen, Cultural Department, Bremen

GEDOK –Women’s Artist Association Bremen, Germany

Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Berlin, Germany

Gerda Weiler Fondation, Germany

Filmbüro, Bremen, Germany

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