Christopher K. Ho

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&Leisure (Jennifer Dalton), 2007

Digital print on engraver's paper, 18" x 20"

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The project is a collaboration with Troy Richards. '& Leisure' is a compilation of luxury itineraries for artists, sponsored by a fictitious travel consultancy. The itineraries, which are priced between $3,000 and $5.5 million, are individually tailored for the respective artist's work (thus Rikrit Tiravanija embarks on a gastronomic tour and Andrea Fraser on a total body spa vacation). The project is meant to be wry—an example of and comment on late conceptual art, in which the culture and leisure industries merge—as well as deadly serious: a sincere hope that some quirky philanthropist will start a foundation that awards dream vacations to overworked artists undergirds it.

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