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Eres un princeso, 2013

HD video, 2 Channels, 5m 27s, Dimensions Variable


“Eres un Princeso” is a series of multidisciplinary work produced during my experience in FLORA ars+natura Residency in Colombia during November 2013, curated by Jose Roca.

“Eres un Princeso” investigates the current relationship between people, horses and plants in the town of Honda, product of the second colonization of Colombian land made by the narco world and its territorial conquest, after the Spanish conquest. When the Spanish introduced horses to America through the Caribbean, the indigenous viewed them as one being, without differentiating their individualities. A being who was regarded as a deity. Currently, the relationship of horses and humans has become a different hybrid: a horse, a caregiver and a piece of land with decorative palms. In “Eres un Princeso”, personal stories intersect in the stable Santa Leticia, where adolescents 14 to 15 years take care of Paso Fino, Trochadores, Criollos and Spanish horses and different types of tropical palms. They all establish such a physical and emotional closeness, that their bodies and subjectivities become strange emergencies through everyday actions such as grooming and training.

Everyday, these horses establish strong relationships with the your boys, affected by repetitive relationships of emotion and obligation. At the same time, the horses are affected by their owners, who use them to display their power, while wandering drunk in

Honda on Friday nights. As the Colombian narco colonization is in decline, the video raises the question of what the third territorial settlement in Colombia will be, while one of the bosses hits his leather whip to a sign that says " Sold".

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