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[Cian Donnelly, 'Strawberry Necklace', 30min Live Art work, Chapter Arts, Cardiff, Wales, 2013]

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Strawberry Necklace, 2013

Spoken word, song, musical score, costume, sculpture, video projection, watering can, chair, 30m 0s, Dimensions Variable


Strawberry Necklace is a 30 minute Live Art work, made specifically for the Experimentica 2013, at Chapter Arts, Cardiff, Wales.

The piece begins with a projection of an abandoned space, shot at Villa Ada, Rome, Italy.

A voice, adopting an unconvincing South African accent, intones:

"You gave me a necklace of strawberries, and sent me to the farm."

A character, dressed in sackcloth and rags, casually makes his entrance through a curtain, and continues:

"You came into my bedroom, and squatted over my face. I watched your arsehole slowly swell and tremble, producing a massive strawberry. It toppled out, and hung there, danging on a silver thread.

Then another, and another. A necklace of strawberries. You reached back and forced them into my mouth. With each I experienced an incredible vision, with each I experienced the memory of love."

A high-energy programmed drum pattern begins, and the character sings along, in plaintive voice.

The performance progresses through a series of vignettes, involving spoken word, song and interaction with sculptural props.

The tone is ambiguous, at once poetic, abject, playful and mournful.

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