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The Nomadic Labyrinth, 2013

Carpet and velcro, 1" x 580" x 560"


The Nomadic Labyrinth is an interactive public art project that consists of a large scale labyrinth sculpture of precisely cut carpet. This will be an ongoing project with a series of installations that not only explore the integration of drawing and architecture, but serve as a walkable path for the public to explore as an urban meditation. The public and community members are invited to explore, walk or meditate in the labyrinth and experience art as a transformational tool.

Inspired in an Arabic floral pattern, the carpets used in this design have been collected from several recycling companies in the Bay Area and they represent decorative classic western patterns. For the design of this labyrinth Calzada was interested in the juxtaposition of two different cultural patterns – creating a movable, meditative environment where carpet from archetypical western places like the Ritz Carlton meet an inventive Arabesque.

The Nomadic Labyrinth reflects the artist’s vision of creating art that is playfully in dialogue with urban space, and it takes this work one step further by exploring the relationship between art and spirituality, daily life and ritual.

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