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Tenderloin Dreamscapes, 2010

Digital Print and Ink, 20" x 24"

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This project re-imagines the urban landscape of one of the Bay Area's most overlooked environments. Unlikely urban canvasses are here tied together to envision an imaginative Dreamscape linking inner city buildings in San Francisco's Tenderloin and South of Market Neighborhoods with a narrative thread of fantastic conceptual murals that happen to be original works of ink on paper.

The works in this project at first appear to be traditional documentations of vast murals on overlooked building facades. On closer inspection, they reveal themselves to be original works of ink on paper. Tenderloin Dreamscapes are works of ink on photographic prints that are presented as unique objects of art. The work is presented in two different formats: as medium and large scale prints and as an animated stop-motion video. In both presentations, the intention is to invite the viewer into a dreamscape that re-imagines a stark urban landscape as an interconnected web that is imaginative and enticing.

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