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"Simulators. City Landscapes" , 2013

Digital print, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable

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At the beginning, "Simulatory" were not devised as a series. It was a search for those combinations in everyday life that looked interesting to me in terms of semantic and visual combinations within a frame. Then, as it is now, I did not change anything within the scene and used only things that were directly in the reality. I also did not use the digital manipulation.

Gradually the pictures formed a unity of visual space which was based on the stereotypes and the templates of our perception. From the point of view of classical photography these pictures are not right in some composition rules , but as for myself I can see a lot of freedom and freshness in such method of shooting.

These photos are between reality and illusion, between the seeming and the actually existing in the picture. It is a kind of a theater where the actors are the colored planes and geometric shapes, and the heroes are those templates which they play in our minds.

The photographs presented here are organised in a book, each pair forms one visual space. It is a way for me to do a deeper research in the field of my photographic practice and to extend the idea of "Simulators".

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