Andres Arenas

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Inkjet cotton paper, 60cm x 40cm

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The Virreyes Hotel was built in the late 40’s in Mexico City’s downtown, but it was until six years ago that it started to work as a residence. People from everywhere started to come to the Hotel for short seasons as a temporary place, but for many reasons some of them have been here for a year or more.Since my arrival at the Virreyes, its stained carpets for years of history caught me. I felt it was like a shelter in the middle of the frenetic rhythm in every big city. The faces I started to meet were very interested to me, although this could go hand by hand with the difficulty of establishing relationships between complete unknown people.

This series of photographs that are part of this work made between 2008 and 2009 while I was living there, portrait the people who show the atmosphere of the place. People like me that left their family and their origins looking for something else.

From these images I expect to tell a new story about the Virreyes. A chronicle made of interests and expectations, which imply a new meaning of the vital space and personal relationships. A story built from public intimacy, a denial of settle in, a new concept of belongingness and a duality between socialization and a necessary private life.

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