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By aperiodic mosaic, 2012

Glass, 220cm x 110cm


Light penetrates periodically mosaic and cuts through a pattern that is regularly but never repeats itself. The installation manifests an encounter between the Swedish community center in Älvsjö, Sweden and the Near East, where mosaic has its genesis. As in previous works this installation relate to Shammas own identity. The decoration of different colored pieces of stone or glass mosaic linkes in a direct sense to the heterogeneity herself represents in that she is the child of a parent from Sweden and another from Palestine, Jericho.

The project highlights question on whether pattern always means a repeat of past tradition or if new forms can emerge outside of established traditions.

The installation was first shown at a groupexhibition at Lerkrogen and is now owned by the the the Swedish community center in Lerkrogen, Älvsjö where it can be seen permanently.


Lefvert, Märta,“Nytt ljus över hembygden: Konstnärer fyller Lerkrogen i Älvsjö med verk om identitet och ursprung”, interview in Mitt i Söderort Liljeholmen, 2012, nr. 22.

Tonström, Eva, “Hembygden – uppdaterad”, interview in Tidningen Liljeholmen Älvsjö, 2012, nr. 42.

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