Hyounsang Yoo

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Smoke and Mirrors, 2014

Inkjet Print, Dimensions Variable


My practice investigates representation through the medium of photography. Having mass media imagery as a sociopolitical landscape, I aim to create bodies of work to question the experience of time via photography. I often restage, manipulate and transform mass media images that depict catastrophic or significant political and historical events. Being inspired by media theorist such as Virilio and Baudrillard, I strip off the image from its original context and create a third experience for the viewer.

My analysis is mediated by an understanding that the future does not evolve in isolation but rather is a function of what has happened in the past. This begs the question of what is progress? Is it creating distance between the past and the present or is it a future that encompasses the greatest amount of information from the past? In these works, I continue to discover the complexity of moments that can be instantaneously swift, slow, fast, loud, quiet, visible, invisible, stable to unstable, and explore the possibility of an image-making process that can contain this complexity.

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