Patricia Domínguez

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Object's Histories, 2013

Video Installation: Video, furniture, objects and plants, 35d 0h, Dimensions Variable


An avid reader and lucid interpreter of texts about the cultural construction we call Natural History, Patricia Dominguez had a moment of epiphany when she realized that her own thinking about the natural had been unconsciously apprehended along with her training as a social being, and what she actually was interested in was in establishing relationships with the living. In this sense, the distinction between nature and culture is relative, because what we call nature is overdetermined by anthropocentric, including environmental look looking nature of development as collateral damage. In Object’s Histories, Dominguez mix obsolete office furniture, botanical specimens, animal and minerals (real and fake), persian fair trinkets and videos with a refreshing touch of absurdity, to configure a fantastic cabinet of natural history / culture about the way Chilean Society constructed the concept of nature during the 90’s.

José Roca


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