Erin O'Keefe

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Silver Paper #3, 2012

Archival inkjet print, 22" x 17"


The work presented here is titled “On Paper”. The subjectivity of photographic truth and the uncertainty of factual accuracy are the themes that underlie this work. I used a limited tool set for this project in order to isolate the issues I was interested in exploring. The subject is a sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper, which is covered with either pencil strokes or paint, and then folded. The paper is photographed many times from the same vantage point, while the light source is moved to a new location in each subsequent shot. The resulting images are radically different from each other, yet each one is an equally true and accurate depiction of the particular piece of paper. Another ambiguous aspect of the resulting photographs comes from the strong reference to the initial mode of manipulation. The images of the pencil shaded paper read as drawings, the images of the painted paper read as paintings; there is confusion between the surface and space of the original paper subject and its representation in the photographic image.

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