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Perpetually Sitting | Installation in Progress , 2013

archival pigment print, 42" x 55"

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Series Seductive Grotesque

The sculptures in Seductive GROTESQUE are contemporary reinterpretations of the allegorical sculpture tradition, re-imagined here in the form of virtual sculptures. In the allegorical work, abstract ideals and virtues are personified in the idealized body. Physical beauty itself stands for rarely attained virtues. The grotesque, on the other hand, brings the body back to earth, to the corporeal and visceral. Exaggerated faces distorted with emotion and grotesque blemishes on the skin of the figure – like bruises left by a rough hand – record history on the material and embed the drama of life on the body itself.

The sculptures and images in the Seductive GROTESQUE series are made using the same formal process associated with the making of actual sculptures, but they do not exist in physical form, they are computer-generated objects made visible as artificial photographs and brought into the 3rd dimension through Augmented Reality.

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