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Sans Soleil (Diffracted), 2011

Digital video projection, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable


Sans Soleil, a 1983 film directed by Chris Marker, incorporates verbal ruminations on the nature of human memory: its nuances, fallibility, and perceptual shifts over time, with brief visual scenes from around the world. The film opens with a quote from TS Eliot:

Because I know that time is always time

And place is always and only place

And what is actual is actual only for one time

And only for one place

Inspired by the themes in Marker’s film, I have attempted to dissipate memory even further by recording through diffraction grating, a video of the original Sans Soleil in its entirety. In Sans Soleil (Diffracted), I have removed the audio from the original film, and literally broken down its image into a projected visible spectrum as seen through a peephole. The result is an abstracted color field, a visible metaphor for the inability of memory to capture the entirety of an experience. The projection is a subtle suggestion of the original film, a recollection of a memory of a memory.

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