Elaine Tin Nyo

[Deitch Projects, 1997. (composite photo)]

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The Bake Sale, 1997

Artist-made Baked Goods, 1 museum curator, 1 art critic, 1 art historian, money, 4h 0m


The Bake Sale was a model of the Soho gallery community in which art was replaced with baked goods. In September 1997, the sidewalk of Deitch Projects hosted a Bake Sale of “goodies” made by artists with Soho Galleries. A critic (Bill Arning), art historian (Kirby Gookin), and museum curator (Dan Cameron) sold the baked goods to the greedy public. Hundreds of receipts were tallied and profits were returned to the galleries to split with the artists.

Photos and recipes of goodies were archived. Designed staff uniforms, invitations and promotional materials. Wrote checks totaling over $600.

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