Gisela Insuaste

[Photo by Matt Cianfrani]

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The Inverted Umbrella/Landscape: Breuer's Sunshine, Goose-style, 2011

Latex acrylic paint, aluminum foil tape, and polypropylene rope, Dimensions Variable


The site-specific installation is located in the lobby area of the Lehman College Fine Arts Building in the Bronx and was designed by Marcel Breuer. It is made of 6 hyperbolic paraboloids (or inverted umbrellas) composed of thin layers of reinforced concrete that support the roof and building The installation project integrates painting and architecture and brings together the artist's interpretation of the architectural structure's history and the dynamic urban landscape we live in. The color shifts take into consideration the cement facades of buildings and structures that exist in New York and in Latin American cities where modern and traditional architectural designs merge.

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