Joomi Chung

[Signoscope-Signoscape, frottage and digital print on acetate, dimension variable, 2006]

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Signoscope-Signoscape, 2006

digital print on acetate and various hanging materials, Dimensions Variable


Signoscope-Signoscape is a symbolic landscape of consumer culture composed of cultural references, signs, objects, and words appropriated from everyday environment. It is made of 10 groups of images using approximately 90 layers of 3’x6’ acetate sheets. The layers have been installed in a form of labyrinth inviting the viewer into a playful interaction with the work. The images used in this work come from ordinary environment. But they are temporarily removed from the ordinary environment. By walking between the layers, getting lost, and finding the way out is a symbolic act of dissolving the previous meanings of the signs and finding a new way of reading them. The transparency of the layers result in overlapping, juxtaposition, and conglomeration of disparate images, promoting free association and interpretation.

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