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What Was What Is What Is Not Yet, 2014

Maple, steel, paper, sound., 36" x 36" x 18"

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This is an interactive, conceptual music box. You begin by turning the knobs to hear different patterns. You may turn one knob at a time, two knobs, or, with help, turn all three at once.

This experience explores the generational history of trauma and its reverberations through time. As a consideration of how past experiences unfold in the present and reach into the future, this piece uses sound to explore the overlapping nature of past, present and future. One pattern climbs up but never resolves, hovering and then repeating. Another pattern loops in a simple melody. The third pattern climbs up and down the musical scale lingering at the top and bottom. Various combinations of these patterns will produce tensions, counterpoints and sometimes complimentary parallels depending on where players start and end. It makes no difference which box you deem as past, present or future; it will be different for all.

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