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Field studies, 2008

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Now here is something interesting: On a list of the ‘100 Greatest Scary Movies,’ Steven Spielberg’s 1993 science-fiction blockbuster Jurassic Park shows up at number 95. No doubt it is a suspenseful movie, altogether thrilling even, but never would I go so far as to call it a ’scary movie’. But regardless, it was on the list and so I watched it for the first time in what was probably a decade.
Right off the bat I would like to say that this film still looks absolutely awesome. Remember the first time you saw it? Remember how breathtakingly real it all looked? Well, it still does. The first scene in which we are introduced to the dinosaurs, that amazing shot of the Brachiosaurus feeding on the tall trees, still brought within me a swelling of emotion. My whole childhood I had dreamed of seeing a dinosaur and the first time I witnessed that moment, I almost cried with joy. Keep in mind that I was thirteen when this movie was originally released and yes, I realize that dinosaurs no longer exist, but this movie really transported me to someplace realistically fantastical, if that adjective can even describe that noun. Technology may have made leaps and bounds since then, but it is rare in this day and age when you can see computer technology used to expertly and so tastefully.

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