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[lo soffia il cielo, cosi]

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Lo soffia il cielo, cosi, 2003

dresses, balloons, text, wind, Dimensions Variable

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On the day of the inauguration, white clothing, was worn by young women, more apparitions than characters, who moved without apparent direction amid the olive trees on the lawn that surrounds the second outer wall of the Fortress, holding large, white balloons that seems poised to lift them off the ground with the strenght of their poetry.

Each balloon held a written word, and each series formed a phrase: variations
on the theme of waiting and absence, drawn from the contributions of five Dutch poets, requested by the artist on an example of Baudelaire.

F. van Dixhoorn
Melle Hammer
Hans Kloos
K. Michel
F. Starik

It is a multifaceted performance for individual figures, each of which seems to offer itself as a double of another; apparitions of a repeated singularity that was reflected in the graphic and conceptual elaboration of poetic words that were both repetitive and diverse, destined to float away into the sky.

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