Robyn Voshardt and Sven Humphrey

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New & Improved, 2007

HD single channel video/sound, 2m 21s

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image, text, and video © the artists

New and Improved shows a manic flash-card script for positive thinking and self-improvement paced by an internal clock gone awry. Overloading between directives and objectives: “"I am…, I can…, I will…”" the reader can’'t prioritize between daily minutiae or life-changing goals. The handwritten cards came from an actual exercise in behavioral modification, and revisit ideas from Robyn Voshardt's earlier Time Project. It'’s difficult to determine which goals for maximum efficiency were self-generated, or which were influenced by an ever-sliding scale of cultural expectations and technological innovations. It’'s a poignant collision of conflicting ideals: the remnants of a stringent work ethic vs. self-regulated emotional development attempting to keep pace in a post-Fordist global economy.

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