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Rainy Noise, 2011

wood, plastic board, rubber hose, PVC pipe, water, umbrella, television, speaker, x 350 x 300 x 100cm, Duration Variable


"Rainy Noise" consists of the situation of water drops falling down from the roof, the sound of its splashing on the roof or ground and "snow noise" # played on television. The view from the street, where the work is placed in the courtyard behind the aisle, reminds us of rain. "Snow noise" is just the combination of noises, but by its visual effects, it blends into the sound of raining. On this work can be experienced, that sounds are perceived not only by the acoustic sense, but also by acoustic illusion affected by visual effects.

# "Snow noise" is a kind of noise phenomena on television, which generates small white flickers on the screen.

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