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"Stranger in a Strange Land," diptych from the series 'Making Meaning Out of Mountains , 2015

Archival Pigment Print, 28" x 22"

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From the series 'Making Meaning Out of Mountains'

Exhibition Introduction by Haynes Riley:Water flows from the Continental Divide in the Rocky Mountains and trickles down as streams, rhizomatically draining into larger deposits of water, inevitably finding its own level. Equalizing and multiplying, “favoring a nomadic system of growth and propagation.”* (* Like this flow, the meaning and the moments of creation within Jessica Harvey’s work have no distinguishable beginning or end. The photographs and objects serve as intermediaries to communicate each cycle of Harvey’s odyssey; manifestations of this endeavor of constantly seeking. Each point of departure is a point of arrival, negating any specific source or origin: for when one steps in a passageway they are stepping out of another; a constant vortex. The composite anomalies that are met on these journeys create patterns that present passages through space, place, and life. In Making Meaning Out of Mountains, Harvey has scoured the passes and basins of the mountains throughout Colorado. Her planned solitary journey diverged into unexpected encounters, reticulating and guiding this body of work. In the mountains, clouds are like reflections: the sky and ground untraceably conjugating a planar existence, flattening the verticality of the landscape into an unidentifiable and repeatable vehicle for understanding and making meaning with images, giving power to the search.

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