Bang Geul Han

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Conversation, 2012

Digital video, Twitter Stream, Custom software, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable

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‘Conversation’ is a computer based installation that presents viewers with an image of a couple sitting at a small table. Despite underlying themes of love and yearning, as the oddly disjointed conversation meanders and bifurcates, it becomes apparent that there is more at work than a simple video playback. Scanning the constant stream of public messages on Twitter for keywords such as love, desire, hate, and feeling, the custom made software behind the video translates these real-time, text based tweets into the verbalized utterances of the couple using the finite video database comprised of prerecorded clips of the male and female character speaking each word. Through robotic sequences of articulated words and subtle body gestures, the work becomes a voyeuristic and hypnotic theater of fragmented yet very human attempts at communicating thoughts and desires.

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