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Bergkerk Cave, 2008

Plastic foil, electrical tubes, tiewraps, tape, 350cm x 350cm x 650cm


Another indoor Cave, this time constructed in the Bergkerk Cathedral in Deventer as part of a festival -
The Bergkerk is a gothic cathedral which serves as an exhibition space. It has no religious functions anymore and is therefore completely stripped of the usual furniture and decorations found in large cathedrals. The structure of the building is laid bare, in a way it's a naked cathedral.

The Cave I chose to construct here is based on the first designs I made of the Cave. The shape itself derived from a reduction of an outline of a typical cathedral. The Cave towers over you like a cathedral, yet it is heavy and feels very massive in its appearance - simultaneously reaching for the sky, yet remaining earthbound.

The size, appr. 3.5mx3.5mx6.5m, presented me with a structural problem. It had to be sturdier than the previous caves I'd made. Also, I was not allowed to drill into the floor (for obvious reasons). This meant I had to develop a structure which would retain its shape, as well as stand fast, even when put under the considerable strain of the black foil.

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