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You Mouth the Words, 2007

Graphite in Mole Book, 5.5" x 7"

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The process of writing the scrolls, books, and drawings is an outlet for perpetual thoughts. In a little black book entitled, "You Mouth the Words", 'I love you' is repeated thousands of times in miniscule text. The act of writing itself is an act of re-training to love. Through the process, goals are set: by then end of this line, a memory will be rewritten. By the end of the page, there will be no remorse. Filling this book will clear the conscience.

I write a page of “I love you’s” on the train to my new lover’s apartment, preparing myself to act what I write. On an individual level the words ring true, but with the continual repetition, the expression looses its intimacy. The words are reduced to line and pattern; a textual drawing with undulating lines reflective of the transition inspiring the piece.

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