The Workingman Collective

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H Street Project, 2009

photography, interaction with the community, Dimensions Variable

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Using Smokey’s Barbershop and Oldies, located at 1338 H street NE, as a starting point for navigating the H Street community, Workingman Collective engaged the barbers and beauticians of H St. documenting the synthesis of economy, community, process and structure that is present in and radiates from the shops.

WMC also documented collateral evidence of the relationship between the interior and exterior of the shops and their surrounding environment, the organic form and social networking system of dynamic community.

After four months of researching/navigating H St., Workingman Collective created a storefront installation in the 1341 H Street temporary gallery space that consisted of photographs, a continuous digital projection of the images viewed from both inside and outside the gallery space, seating, digital video, and BBQ social.. Over the course of the exhibition Workingman Collective continued to add images to the installation and create forms of engagement within the H Street community. In January 2009, WMC delivered images to the community.

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