Magnus Wassborg, MR

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Nature Studies in Grey and Green, 2007

HD VIDEO, 22m 0s

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But this was not the first time that he had lost his hold on life only to find it again. Until his death in 1912 he never quite gave up either as a painter or as a photographer. In the end, he took photographs without either camera or lenses, trusting nature to produce her own images on a photographic plate exposed directly to the night sky. And they worked, too.
ART REVIEW; Strindberg's Deep Anxiety, But No Words
Published: July 31, 2001

A Nature movie taking advantage of the swedish tradition in nature painting. The movie has fixed angles and only sound in one clip. Format;16:9 HD. Duration: 10 minutes. Note:The movie is running but because of the conditions in the forest,the viewer could experience that the movie did not running.

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