Helmut Steinecker

[Carla Spendel, Christian Kainradl in Memories of Il Grido]

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Memories of Il Grido, 2016

2k digital, 14m 45s, Dimensions Variable

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Irma and Aldo are renovating a house. While Aldo is deep in his work, Irma is suffering on fierce daydreams where she finally finds herself. At the end she┬┤s leaving the house, walks a few steps and went away after letting her bag fall down.

In allusion to Michelangelo Antonionis 'Il Grido' the film is getting Antonionis characters Irma and Aldo into the present. Further there are quotes of altogether four Italian films, which are shot in this, so called Po-area. This quoted films are all about exits, and are mentioned within the end-credits.

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