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Performance For Perfection 1200, 2014

Desktop Scanner, Performer, 13m 30s, Dimensions Variable


The Perfection 1200 is a 15 year old photo document scanner. It renders an image over time, from right to left, not like the camera’s instant frame. As the scanner arm moves beneath the glass surface, it emits it’s own light which bounces off of the subject and returns information onto it’s internal CCDs. One scan, depending on resolution used, can take 10 to 20 seconds or more. Over that period of time, the subject breathes, shifts, trembles, while attempting to remain still for the picture. As the actor performs for the scanner, he does so in near silence, struggling with each isolated pose and breath for the duration. Fixed are the traces of the movements of life. The animation process rebuilds and unfixes the construction during play, recombined with breath and sound. Through this artificial deconstruction and reconstruction process, there is a reflection of life and art, deeply felt. Don Boros’s double speaks with his voice, about Beckett, acting, of “living truthfully, under imaginary circumstances”.

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