Mathilde du Sordet

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The world is inside it. The world is outside it, 2013

video, 1m 17s, Dimensions Variable


I have made photocopies with lead letters, throwing them as a "throw of the dice" on the photocopy machine. The movements done with the lead letters were at each time unique and the photocopy was the result of a very direct processus.

The video is following these marks on the photocopies, trying to capture them. Both the camera's focale and our own eye are looking more deeper on the subject.

An installation will include the video, some objects disseminated in space after a performed action and a series of photographs. I carry on my research on the notion of movement, the one internal in material, the one made by our eye and our mind, the one of our displacement in space. A tension occurs between us and the subject which is to be seen.

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