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Buchla á la Mode, 2013

VHS, video processors, 15m 9s, Dimensions Variable

500 USD

The video accompaniment to Headboggle's "Buchla à la Mode" album is a hacking of new media history. The medium is the massage, the message, the mind altering substance in this case. All content was created by destroyed VHS tapes and the signals of cables through inputs/outputs. Technique and finesse were applied by tactile buttons, knobs, a clanking… through the screen of what was an explosive net. Portals of communication so ancient were rediscovered to make way for the advantages of signal processing and corruption. Is the signal lost or newly just found; how do we find the true webspace; and what are the brute bits of a computer - these and many more questions are answered in 'Buchla à la Mode!

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