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Entropic Elucidation, 2012

16 mm film, HD video, Sound, 7m 42s


Filmed in Beelitz in Germany I wanted to convey the forgotten pasts through Urban explorer settings using a 16mm Reflex Bolex. With many different exposures onto the same film I wanted to portray the density between body, entropy and architecture. The installationstrives to deflect the mechanism of suture, to rupture modes of perception, production and value. It suggests a transposition of matter into form into image and back again. The change itself could be seen as a transposition. It makes the narration split and non-linear. With astrong melanchloic undertone of human loss (through space).The title of the installation (the film is Entropic Elucidation) is taken from the internal definition of the colour map setup of a MAC computer, the chromatic scale that makes us percieve from screen to eye. To see. The technology flirts between expressions of obsolete and new, with a conscious choice of an old fat TV, a new plasma TV and a full HD projector. All footage was filmed on 16mm film & HD, transferred to 2K resolutions.It wants to challenge its viewer of how to see, how to embody the room and enfold the experience with an additional soundtrack. Opposite the fat TV, a lump of clay hangs off the pane of glass, where the image is mirrored through the reflective and defaced surface.The photographs are high resolution, C-prints from the same forgottenplace in Beelitz, Germany. They also appear in the film as a double between stasis and movement (the projection seen on the left as part of the installation)

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